Radaron Export Development

هدفمند در جهت تامین فروآلیاژها

Radaron Export Development  is a trading Company in Iran . We are engaged in supplying many kinds of  ferro alloys  for the international market

Radaron Export Development has vast experience and a well-connected network in Iran and all around the world because of  supplying high quality products to  countries and regions with high reputation.R.A.D also holds a strategic investment in building supply chains to improve the quality of our products and service

We source material worldwide and our strategy is based on long term partnership with customers and suppliers. This strong commitment together with great flexibility, reliability and availabilityhave resulted in the development of R.A.D to one of the best partners in the steel materials market.

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Radaron EXPORT Development

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شرکت توسعه صادرات رادآرون در واحد بازرگانی خارجی خود آماده ارائه خدمات بازرگانی اعم از مشاوره، صادرات و ….

تولیدکنندگان جهانی فروآلیاژها

شرکت توسعه صادرات رادآرون در زمینه  واردات انواع فروآلیاژهای مرغوب جهانی و عرضه  در کشور ….


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Manganese is obtained as ferromanganese from manganese ore. Ferromanganese is used in steelmaking for the purpose of deoxidizing, neutralizing the negative effect of hot sulfur cracking during hot rolling, increasing the depth of hardenability and increasing the wear and tensile strength of steel and replacing nickel metal in stainless steels.

Ferrosilicon is a mixture of iron and silicon, which is produced in electric arc furnaces and in different grades, including 10% Fe-Si to 90% Fe-Si. Steelmaking is Fe-Si70 to Fe-Si75.

Many metallic and sometimes non-metallic elements are dissolved in iron, whose solid solution is called ferroalloy. Ferroalloys generally have a lower melting point than alloy elements, and therefore, when added to molten steel, they quickly melt and dissolve in the melt.

In the steel industry, competition in areas such as demand, high energy costs, environmental and safety regulations, materials, consumer demand for high quality, and high capital value have created the need for changes in the industry.